I’m always looking for the poetry.
It could be the color of cafe au lait in a white cup or the flash of a cardinal in January. It could be the fragrance of old books or a deep green lake or line-dried sheets. I am especially inspired by the Japanese art of Wabi-Sabi and its reverence for the melancholy beauty of an old barn, a forgotten farmhouse, a lost city building.
I live in a little Cape Cod village, and when the four o’clocks hit on a December afternoon, I can walk to the ocean with my sister, look out toward England and imagine holly hocks and crooked gardens. I believe in wearing party dresses any day of the week and putting on my wonderglasses when the poetry is hard to find. Working as a writer and artist, I tell myself there are no mistakes, only surprises.
photo courtesy of David Ellis - davidellisarts@hotmail.com